Make a donation to honour the memory of a loved one who died of cancer while making a significant gesture in the fight against cancer. Pay them a final tribute filled with hope.

The in memory donation enables the Canadian Cancer Society to do more to save more lives: more prevention, more research, more support.

A donation of:

Helps raise awareness of the hazards of UV rays among 10 young people to prevent skin cancer.

Helps reach 20 women whose lives may be saved by getting a mammogram.

Contributes to funding actions to demand better access to palliative care.
A donation of:

Funds 1 hour of research to improve childhood cancer treatments.

Funds nearly 3 hours of research to develop a test to determine the risk of prostate cancer recurrence.

Funds half a day of research to develop viruses that may improve chemotherapy treatments.
A donation of:

Enables a person living with cancer to borrow a high quality wig.

Contributes to helping all Quebecers have access to specialists who can answer questions on all types of cancer.

Helps someone living with cancer participate in support groups offered in more than 50 cities across Quebec.

Every day, the Canadian Cancer Society works with 300,000 donors and 30,000 volunteers to save more lives. It fights to prevent more cancers, fund more promising research projects and help more people living with the disease.

In memory donation

In addition to acting on all fronts, it fights against ALL cancers. No cancer is forgotten, from the most common to the rarest.

  • funds the most cancer research in the country: $1.3 billion invested since the 1940s.
  • helps Quebecers living with cancer the most: nearly 2 million Quebecers turn to it each year.
  • does the most to prevent cancer.